Ana Marina Studio

Elevating Latina Culture thought Artisan Jewelry


Hello, my name is Ana Marian and I am an artisan who began creating jewelry seven years ago. As an immigrant from Mexico, I use my art to elevate and celebrate my cultural heritage. My pieces reflect the deep admiration and connection I have for my history. Through my work, I intent to preserve and celebrate the folklore that identifies Latin American art. I use sterling silver and metal as my main mediums to create pieces that not only adorn those who wear them, but also transmit a story of inspiration that was born from a myth, a feeling, a remembrance of a time or place.

My love for jewelry began at an early age. As a young girl, I remember staring at my abuela when she would get ready for a special occasion. She looked beautiful doing her hair, putting on her make up, and meticulously combining every color of her outfit, but my favorite part was when she opened her treasure box to choose the jewelry she would wear. As she put on her jewelry, her whole outfit came to life. The jewelry added sparkle to her natural beauty and activated something in her. The transformation was felt more than seen and she radiated everywhere she went. Without knowing at the time, these pivotal memories gave birth to a great dream.

In pursuing my passion, I discovered the art of jewelry making. I constantly explore different materials and techniques that allow me to experience and appreciate the process of this transformative art. Metal is a very permissive material that allows me to convert my ideas into something solid, there is no limit. I can choose to transform a flat sheet of metal into a simple pair of earrings by adding form and texture, or I can make an intricate piece that can become sculptural. The process requires meditation and awareness of every single step before moving forward. It requires patience. Regardless of what I choose the finished piece to be, the real magic is in transforming a raw piece of metal into a wearable piece of art.

Through my work, I strive to add a spark of beauty to those who wear my pieces, to add meaning and singularity to their look, and to inspire and transform others like my abuela did when wearing her precious jewels.

— Ana Marina